A week or so ago we got the keys to our “accidental renovation project” aka the FixerUpper. I love it and hate it at the same time! The garden is beautiful – it’s almost perfect, which scares me since I don’t know the first thing about gardening – but the house is horrific. I’m not even sure horrific adequately describes it.

When we viewed the FixerUpper, we noticed a little damp. It turns out that the entire ground floor is pretty sodden. We’ve been stripping woodchip, which is usually a complete nightmare but in the FixxerUpper just peels right off (along with half of the plaster) and the floors bounce because the joists are rotten. It’s cold, it’s smelly and all of the beautiful 1920s charm appears to have been stripped out in the 70s (think fake beams and wood panelling…).

Whilst neither of us is scared of doing some manual labour (we enjoyed knocking out a huge, ugly brick fireplace, spanning the entire length of a room in our current house), it’s apparently much more difficult to get things done with a LittleMonkey who neither naps nor sits still…so I’m guessing that we will be fixing up the FixerUpper for quite some time yet!






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